A permissionless task coordination and incentivization protocol. A staking based mechanisms powers task coordination through proposition, prioritization, contribution and validation on chain. Incented enables autonomous coordination and equitable rewards.

Incented is a protocol for permissionless task coordination and incentivization. With our staking based proof-of-contribution mechanisms, Incented is powering task propositions, prioritization, execution and validation on chain. It's designed to bring autonomy to community coordination and empower every individual to make an impact while receiving equitable rewards for their contributions.


The Incented Protocol introduces a novel approach to coordination of tasks in community-driven organizations. It leverages staking mechanisms to enable a proof-of-contribution system.

The Incented Protocol is designed to empower community-driven organizations and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) by providing a robust coordination and incentive mechanism. Every community possesses its distinct character, objectives, and goals. To enable community members to contribute meaningfully while being rewarded fairly for their efforts, we have developed the Incented Protocol. This protocol incorporates a suite of smart contracts that facilitate task proposal submissions, task prioritization, task contributions tracking, and the validation of contributions.


Carrots 🥕 The protocols native token used to power the protocol as well as for reward

Rabbits 🐰 Individuals or teams that are participating in the Incented protocol. Rabbits are simply accounts (wallets or multisigs on the blockchain in web3)

Rabbit-Hole 🐰🕳️ A specific community using the incented protocol

Admin Admins of the Rabbit-Hole. Wallets or multisigs on the blockchain

Staking A core interaction performed with 🥕 to prioritize, submit contributions or validate tasks

Protocol Fee A fee that is required from the users when they interact with the protocol in the form of 🥕. The protocol fee goes to the Carrot-Pot ****(the Community Wallet).

Carrot-Pot The treasury of a community. This is where rewards come from.

Claim-Stake The stake a user needs to put at risk if they want to reserve the right to execute the task (aka Claim the task). Unless otherwise specified by the community, this defaults to the reward amount assigned to a task.


The below personas interact within Incenteds ecosystem, each playing a unique and vital role. From Proposers, who envision and initiate tasks, to Prioritizers, who guide task significance, and Contributors, the primary executors of tasks, the protocol embodies a collaborative spirit. Validators uphold standards as critical gatekeepers, while Admins and Super Admins orchestrate and oversee the protocol's functionality. This rich tapestry of personas ensures that every aspect of a task, from conception to validation, is effectively managed, reflecting the dynamic interplay of skills and motivations within the Incented community.

Proposer (The Visionary):


Prioritizer (The Influencer):


Contributor (The Executor):


Validator (The Gatekeeper):


Admin (The Organizer):


Super Admins (The Overseer):



In the Incented protocol, tasks are the fundamental units of activity, driving the entire system's functionality. Every interaction, decision, and progression within the ecosystem revolves around these tasks. The protocol meticulously defines each task through a set of attributes largely determined by the proposer, with the exception of the deadline, which dynamically adjusts based on community engagement. These attributes encompass aspects like Title, Description, Effort, Reward, and Type, providing a comprehensive framework for task creation and management. As tasks advance through various stages of the lifecycle, they embody the dynamic interplay of community collaboration, embodying the essence of the Incented protocol's innovative approach to decentralized task coordination.

Task Attributes:

Each Task has the following attributes. All but one attribute is user defined by the user that submits a proposal as a New task, with the exception for the deadline, which is calculated automatically.